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Sponsored Scholarships & Awards
AGN is a fee based school. Merit and Financial aid scholarships are awarded to deserving students every year. Currently about 8% of the total students receive support from sponsored programs. GIFT is very proud of the fact many of the scholarships are being sponsored by individual donors from across the globe (USA, UK, Australia, India, etc.) The sponsorship can be set up on an annual basis or as an one-time endowment. You can click the links on the right hand side to get information about the scholarships offered and their sponsors for various years.

Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks Scholarships: This program, perphaps the most saught after scholarship at the school, awards scholarships to enable deserving students hailing from the larger area around Konganapuram to study 9th through 12th standards at AGN. The selection of students is based on academic potential, financial need as well as societal consciousness. It is administered through written tests and selection interviews. The awardees, named as Adelaide Parks Rotary Scholars, will receive full-funding for tuition, books and transport/hostel expenses for the four years of study at AGN. The objective of the program is to support talented students who coannot otherwise afford to attend a school like AGN, and to encourage social reponsibility so that the scholars will eventually return to enrich their native area. Led by the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks, Australia, the sponsorship is also supported by Rotary Clubs of Victor Harbour (Australia), Sankari Rotary Club (India) and Rotary Foundation. The first batch of students entred the program in 2010-11 academic year and all of them have successfully graduated from the school in 2014. You see the full list of fifteen Adelaide Rotary Scholars, including the seventh batch that entred the program in June 2016.

Thakkar Awards: Radha Thakkar Bachman, Florida, USA, during her two months of stay at AGN in 2005, enouraged her parents Dr.Vinod & Dr. Tarlika Thakkar to institue the awards to inspire and reward outstanding skills development in English and Computers, both among students and teachers. While these awards do not carry any financial support today, they have been nurturing a healthy competition among students and staff over the past decade. You can click the links on the right hand side to see the list of awardees.
Student Scholarship Awards Thakkar Awards for Students and Teachers Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks Scholarships

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