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    Make A Difference!
    The school very much welcomes your interest and involvement. Here are some of the ways you can participate and help brighten the lives of  youngsters from the rural areas:
  • Projects:   Many contribute by sharing their expertise or  resources to enhance teaching, learning, environment or facilities at the school.  Please see some of the recently sponsored projects.
  • Scholarship Awards:   AGN is a fee based school and we aim to support deserving students through merit or financial aid scholarships.  Currently about 6% of AGN students receive support.  Our goal is to expand the program to about 10%.  We are thankful that most of the support comes through  sponsored scholarships.

  • Patrons :   Patrons make a significant contribution towards the development of school infrastructure or programs. We are grateful to the interest and support given by the many patrons from across the globe.

  • Contributions :   One may make patrons from across the globe. Tax deductible contribution   in USA and India towards  scholarships or projects.


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