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    Academics: Extra curricular Activities

    • Thalir Thiran Thittam: A highly regarded life-skills' curriculum formulated by Aparajitha Foundations focusing on essential skills and attitudes including WHO's twenty-first century skills, for success in life and career. It strives to equip students for the entire spectrum of survival and well-being, while fulfilling life as responsible and confident adults, and contributing to the progress of society at-large.

    • Seminars and Workshops: There are regular workshops and seminars like leadership skills, personality development programme and memory techniques conducted by experts and professors for senior students and staff to increase study & preparation skills.

    • ZOHO Corporation Interview: ZOHO Corporation, a multinational IT company located at Chennai' recruits +2 students directly into their Zoho University training program with a stipend. Successful candidates integrate into Zoho's regular stream, while also securing a college degree along the way. So far nine AGN students have entered into this program.

    • College Finder: Every student should have clear idea of the course and college before opting for admission after +2. Making essential career decisions has always been challenging. Every year school provides experts' advice on career choices and educational program that cater to these choices. This career guidance program provides admission procedures and requirements of various reputed Engineering and medical colleges across India. It educates parents to focus their time and energy towards shaping their children's future through better, affordable and useful education.

    • Free Summer Course: During Summer holidays the school conducts computer classes for the staff and students of the surrounding government schools. The school strives within its means to be a resource for the local educational community and public, consistent with its fourth philosophy which is to "Lead by example and serve the educational community and society by sharing the resources and best practices."


    Free Summer Course

    Thalir Thiran

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