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    Patrons of AGN SCHOOL

    We would like to recognize the following people who have made significant contribution and on-going support towards the development of the school:

    1. Tm. Gwyn & Tr. Paul Bradley, UK : One of the first to take interest in the school. Have made on-going commitment to support the development of the school, and to institute scholarships. The School Library is named as Bradley Library.
    2. Tm. Lakshmy & Tr. Prakash CV., USA : Made a significant grant to establish merit and financial aid scholarships at the school, which has been in place since the starting of the school about four years ago.
    3. Tm. Kalpana & Tr. Rajen Jaswa, USA : Made a large grant to set up the 'Rajen and Kalpana Jaswa Centre for Advanced Learning and Computer Literacy' and for the general development of the school. The computer literacy program has started to reach out to the neighborhood villages too, where the beneficiaries are not regular students at the school.
    4. Tm. Linda Archibald & Tr. Mason Byles, USA : Making significant ongoing contributions to the school development, students scholarships and intercultural enrichment programs such as Stanford Nanbarhal. Keenly interested in the development of school and rural education in general, and actively contributes to resource development programmes.
    5. Tm. Gunasundari & Tr. R. Chellappan, Swelect Energy Systems, Chennai: Tr. R. Chellappan, a GIFT Trustee, and his family are making ongoing contribution for the fulfillment of the Trust's objectives in numerous ways, including Raaci Campus construction, Swelect Computer Lab (Formerly Numeric Computer Lab) establishment, UPS infrastructure, Gunasundari-Chellappan Young Scientist Club (GC-YSC), AGN CRS, Merit Scholarships and others.
    6. Tm. Mohana & Tr. Jaganathan K., Sharp Trendys, Coimbatore: Instituted an endowment for awarding student scholarships on an on-going basis and offered personality development lectures focused on girl students.
    7. Tm. Jean & Tr. Arthur Hadley and Tm. Mary Hadley & Tr. Chris Waian, USA : Made a significant contribution for the infrastructure development and scholarship programmes.
    8. Tm.Shanmugavadivu & Dr.Perumalswami, USA: Made a significant grant to establish merit and financial aid scholarships at the school.
    9. Dr.Vinod & Dr. Tarlika Thakkar and Tm. Radha Thakkar Bachman, Florida, USA: Established the 'Thakkar Awards' in 2005 to enhance the development of English and Computer proficiency among students and teachers.
    10. Tm.Dr. Mallika & Tr.Mani Rajendran, USA: A patron of AGN Community Radio Station & School development projects.
    11. Tr. P.P. Ramasamy: Established 'Varuthayee-ammal & Palaniappagounder Scholarship' endowment fund, and is also providing on-going consultancy for library development.

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