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    Sponsored Projects

    You have experience in education field or have an idea that would benefit the school and rural education, in general.  You can spare the time to collaborate with the staff and/or students directly, or indirectly via email, etc. Examples would be teaching methods, teacher training, teacher resource, science projects, sports, or anything that enhances teaching and learning.  Here are some recent examples of sponsored projects:

    1. Tr.Arun Ulag, General Manager, Singapore, donated the first computer to the school and organized computer training for the staff.
    2. Tm.Ponnathal & Tr. A. Ramasamy, Tirupur, donated the intercom phone system at the school.
    3. E-Brahma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore, gave Computer training to school staff.
    4. HELP Charitable Foundation, USA / Rural school Development Trust, Tamil Nadu for donated hundreds of books to school library.
    5. P.D.Rajan Educational Institutions, Pappireddipatti, Tamil Nadu for Library development fund.
    6. Tm.Nancy Clayton, USA, for books donation to the library.
    7. KMCH (Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital Ltd.), Coimbatore, conducted medical camps for students, staff and family members.
    8. Tm.Chellam & Tr.Ramasamy T.N., Seethapalayam, for Library Development Fund. .
    9. Tm.Elizabeth Turner, USA, for enriching Teaching of English.
    10. Tm. Rashmi Pandian, USA, for the donation of software to school Computer Centre.
    11. Tm. Parvathi & Dr. Kumar Venkat, USA, for establishing an endowment to promote Thamizh language and literary skills.  

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