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    Infrastructure: Swelect Computer Lab

    Our trustee and patron Tr. R. Chellappan, MD, Swelect Energy Systems, Chennai, and his wife, Tm. Gunasundari, have established the 'Swelect Computer Lab' at the school and been supporting on-going upgrade and expansion. The lab was originally inagurated as 'Numeric Computer Lab' with 20 HP Compaq Presario computers on October 1, 2005. The lab infrastructure has been periodically upgraded and expanded, and today includes servers and 40 N-Computing terminals.

    • The lab has been primarily used by Middle through Higher Secondary School (6th thru 12th) students both for class-room learning and for self-study or exploration.

    • Swelect lab supports interactive on-line learning apps, including Khan Academy and Read Theory. The online interactive apps support each student's self-paced learning, and have become a significant factor in reinforcing and enhancing the class-room learning.

    • Every year, the annual 'computer-fest' named 'Kaninisaar Kalvi Vizha is organized for 6th thru 8th, where students do projects based on skills learned, and exhibit their skills through presentations to a large audience.

    • The lab's computer literacy programs go beyond AGN students and reach out to government school students in nearby villages, who come to Jaswa lab to learn and practice computer skills, internet usage and education apps during Summer holidays at free of cost.

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