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    Enrichment Programs: Stanford Nanbarhal

    The school hosts scholars and students from US and other countries to promote learning and cultural exchange. Launched by Tr. Mason Byles, a member of the AGN Advisory Committee, Stanford Nanbarhal program hosts a small group of student volunteers from Stanford University, USA, annualy for six to eight weeks stay at AGN. The visiting students stay in campus and share their knowledge and skills through various academic activities like class-room teaching, morning assembly, functions, sports and events. These and the interaction with the students and staff, visiting local families and participation in family functions, touring nearby places, etc. add to an enriched experience, cultural understanding and personal growth on both sides. This is a part of 'Project Dosti' at Stanford University, and AGN has been participating in this program since 2006. You can get more information by going to the links on the right hand side.

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