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    Enrichment Programs:   Aahanal Thamizh Mandram

    'Aahanal Thamizh Mandram' was established in 2014-15, with Pulavar Pe. Velu as its mentor. The mandram has since organized and conducted several highly regarded functions and competitions, including

    • The unveiling of the portrait of Thiruvalluvar by Pulavar Ilankumaranar, who composed our school prayer 'Thirukkural Manthiram'

    • Silampoli Sellappanar unveiled the portrait of poet Elangovadigal and gave a speech on 'Thenil Ooriya Senthamizh'

    • Pattimandrams by students and invited scholars

    • A first-of-its-kind Isai vizha titled 'From Konganapuram to Kodambakkam'. The vizha was conceived by Pulavar Velu and conducted by Tr. Sankara Raman, Principal, Govt. Music School, Salem, and his team.

    • 'Thirukkural Manthiram' competition.

    • Releasing the second edition of 'Thirukkural Handbook', published by the International Thamizh Language Foundation, USA.

    • Honoring Tr. Algappa Rammohan, Director of International Thamizh Language Foundation, with the titile 'Thirukkural Kaavalar', for his relentless efforts on promoting Thirukkural across the globe, and for unifying Thamizh identity on Thirukkural.



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